PG 103 Monigo, Treviso

War time place name:
Contemporary local place name:
Monigo, Treviso

Monigo, Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy

Monigo is in the province of Treviso – region of Veneto in northern Italy.

The camp was operational from March 1943 and administered 19 sub camps (labour camps), in factories and farms. The camp accommodated about 500 prisoners, mainly from Australia and New Zealand. 500 is likely to be the total number of prisoners including those in the labour camps.

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Translation for the Campi Fascisti main page:

Monigo – Prisoner of war camp no. 103
Monigo, part of the municipality of Treviso (Treviso) – Italy
Camp type: Prisoner of war camp from March 1943
Source: DPG39 DPG40
“The coexistence at the concentration camps ic. [civilian internees] of Monigo and Chiesanuova of the basic labor camps pg. n. 103 and 120, must be considered an arrangement adopted on a provisional basis and – as such deemed reconcilable as long as the camps ic. cited will remain employed by the military authorities” (see DPG39).

The document from which this sentence is taken – dated 1 April 1943 – informs us of the existence of a labor camp for prisoners of war inside the concentration camp for civilian internees of Monigo, near Treviso.

The camp is assigned the PG number. 103 (see DPG40). The two work detachments at the Sauris dam under construction in the province of Udine depend on this base camp, camp no. 103/VI and 103/VII.

At the present stage of our research, we have no other information on this field.

Note: Research on Italian prisoner of war camps is still ongoing (November 2012). The information reported here is taken from some documents conserved in the Historical Office of the Army General Staff and concerns only the period from March 1942 to March 1943. The data on this sheet are therefore incomplete and still to be verified.


PG abbreviation

The full title is ‘Campo Concentramento di Prigioniere di Guerra’ (prisoner of war concentration camp). They were not concentration camps in the normal sense of the word. Camps were normally prefixed PG, but could be referred to as CC, Campo or Campo PG. The exception was the 2 Dulags and 1 Stalag within Italy, which were German controlled transit centres for POWs being transferred to Germany. The camps were originally known by their place names, and numbers were not introduced until early 1942. There are some camps with no numbers, perhaps they closed before early 1942?

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