Call for volunteers with experience of organising events

Did you know that 2025 marks the 80th anniversary of the liberation and repatriation of WWII Prisoners of War (POWs) from Europe. The Online Memorial and Museum of Prisoners of War is exploring the practicalities of organising an international…

The National Prisoner of War Memorial (UK)

The UK National Prisoner of War Memorial is situated in the National Memorial Arboretum. An explanatory panel was affixed to the memorial in 2021 by The Friends of Stalag IVB Ex-POW Association.

Letters between Arthur Weston and Elfriede Hannak

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Arthur A Weston OBE organised trips to Lamsdorf and was eventually motivated to write to Elfriede Hannak who had been an office worker  at Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf (it is not clear how he had obtained an address for her). In this letter written…

Lamsdorf Loons

The "Lamsdorf Loons" was an informal post-war group made up of ex-POWs living in north-eastern Scotland. They became quite famous locally for their annual reunions.

Charles Saunders eulogy

Charles Saunders – Eulogy Tuesday 23rd July at St Andrews Church Broadstairs MY GOOD FRIEND CHARLES Many of us here will have first met Charles, either through the Church or through music groups, orchestras and bands. Joining the ‘Friday…