Gordon Bourner #6403285 Royal Sussex Regiment. War Time Account.

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Introduction Gordon Bourner - Private Number 6403285, Royal Sussex Regiment - began his training in Brighton in January 1940 (having enlisted in September 1939?). This is his account of his wartime life. Gordon, my father, wouldn’t talk…

Jack Emeny’s wartime story (1938 to 1946)

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Jack Emeny's story by his son Kenneth My Dad was born at 45, Manderville Street, Darnall, Sheffield, England on the 26th April 1921, to Louise William Samuel Emeny and his wife Kate Eliza (nee Bagshaw), who were married on the 9th of March…

Derek Cotton Liberation from an Italian Camp

The attached account describes life in and liberation from an un-named Italian camp. The account includes the names of a number of other POWs. Other than the name the author is not identified. It may, or may not be https://www.prisonersofwarmuseum.com/prisoners/cotton/ Note…

Ernest Fisher Lodge – From Tobruk to Chieti to Skelmanthorpe

An extract from the diary of Ernest Fisher Lodge (scroll down): http://colnevalley.blogspot.com/2014/10/from-tobruk-to-chieti-to-skelmanthorpe.html

Douglas Bader’s escape attempt

One of their most famous escapees was Douglas Bader, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful through several unforeseen circumstances. Douglas Bader was very keen to escape and preparations were started. A man was picked who resembled Bader and…

Stanley (Glen) Greaves – Escape from Stalag VIIIB

My Father’s Escape (by Kim Greaves) My father was a P.O.W. in Stalag VIII B- Lamsdorf for three years before rumours began to circulate that ‘the Russians were coming’. The Germans were planning to move their captives west. My father,…

John Stephen Morum – The War Years

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JOHN STEPHEN MORUM - HIS-STORY AS NARRATED TO HIS DAUGHTER HELEN. [added comments – by Roy, his son] We both signed on [John and his brother Ross] when the war broke out, with the First Witwatersrand Rifles. That regiment was later broken…

The real-life Great Escape

[Author unknown] The real-life Great Escape See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120630/The-real-life-Great-Escape-How-British-man-inspired-Steve-McQueen-character-tried-flee-PoW-camp-shot-Hitlers-orders.html#ixzz2kL6Ey07M Alan The…

John Philip Gelly – Biography

The attached Preface, Biography and Map of Escape Route, form part of the memoirs of Lt John Philip Gelly. They tell of the battle at Sidi Nsir, his capture on 26th February 1943, his escape from PG 49 in September 1943 and the bravery of Italian…

The Handbook of Modern Irregular Warfare

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The Handbook of Modern Irregular Warfare was a confidential document Escape No Longer A Sport