Thomas Horrocks Houston’s war diary

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Thomas kept a near daily account of his early and last days as a Prisoner of War. Thomas Houston's Diary Part 1 – The War Years 1940 To1941 Thomas Houston's Diary Part 2 1944 To 1945  

Notes on Working Parties from ‘The Prisoner of War’, September 1942

Notes on a number of working parties from ‘The Prisoner of War’: September 1942 (mentions E3, E22, E27, E42, E46, E51, E90, E109, E140, E250, E276, E352,E354,E355, E381, E398) February 1944 (E276, E600, E607, E711) February 1944…

Bill Lawrence’s photos taken in secret at Lamsdorf VIIIB/344

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These photographs were taken by Seargeant (later Warrant Officer) Bill Lawrence in Stalag VIIIB. He constructed the camera in a Red Cross food parcel box with the aid of two lenses which were smuggled into the main camp from an outside working…

Arriving at Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf

Many of the Prisoners arriving at Lamsdorf were transported by rail in cattle trucks, and we unloaded at a railway halt about a mile from the camp, at a hamlet now known as Sowin, but in those days called Annahof. The railway halt is still…

Salt Mines

Whatever some returning POWs might have claimed; there were no POW Working Parties in salt mines. No POWs worked in salt mines. There were no salt mines anyway! During the second world war the nearest salt mine to Krakow was the Wieliczka…

Derek Cotton Liberation from an Italian Camp

The attached account describes life in and liberation from an un-named Italian camp. The account includes the names of a number of other POWs. Other than the name the author is not identified. It may, or may not be Note…