James Peters joined the Border Regiment as a Territorial on 3rd May 1939 and served as a Private with the 4th Battalion. The 4th Battalion landed in Normandy, France on 19th September of that same year.

His time as a POW took him to a camp at Bromberg, then to a state farm in East Prussia, then returned to Stalag XXA.  From Stalag XXA a group of Arbeitskommandos were taken to BAB 20 at Reigersfeld, Heydebreck, to work at the factories at Blechhammer.

He left the camp at Reigersfeld at 4.30pm on Monday 22nd January April.  500 or so miles later on Monday 23rd April he was liberated by American troops. This is a transcript of his diary: James Peters – Diary of a Death March

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