Ospedale PG 202 Lucca

Lucca, region of Tuscany

The hospital at Lucca came under the territorial  jurisdiction of Florence, Italian region of Tuscany. The prisoner of war hospital (Ospedale PG)  was in operation from July 1942 and closed in the spring of 1943. International prisoners as at 31st December 1942: 30 officers and 554 troops. As at 31st March 1943: 48 officers and 327 troops.

PM 3200

There is more information about this medical facility here:


Pages 224 to 227: https://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-WH2Pris-_N84741.html#name-034798-mention



Note: According to Italian camp lists, all prisoner of war camps and hospitals were allocated an “agreed camp number”. The hospitals were not camps in the normal sense of the word. Some were civilian hospitals which were instructed to adapt a sector of the hospital for prisoners of war. Instructions issued by the Royal Army General Staff, Prisoner of War Office, were part of the general criteria for the organisation of all hospitals for prisoners of war in Italy. Hospital facilities throughout Italy were also known to be located in other establishments such as a monastery, convent, school and almshouse.

PM abbreviation
Camps in Italy were divided into postal areas, each area designated ‘PM [number]’. PM translates to ‘Posta Militare’, meaning ‘military mail’. The number indicated the central postal reception area for the camps’ mail.


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  1. Sheila Windridge says:

    The hospital at Lucca didn’t close in the spring of 1943. It was still open in September 1943 when Italy capitulated, although with fewer staff and patients as in April 1943 hundreds of men were repatriated together with medical personnel to look after them. On 10th September the remaining medical personnel and mobile patients were called on parade and the Italian Officer asked them to stay in camp until Allied troops arrived. The prisoners had already been told by their own commanding officer to remain in the camps by an order issued by British Military Intelligence (MI19) – Order PW87190. The train taking the Lucca POWs to Germany left Lucca Hospital on 26th September, 1943 arriving in Lamsdorf on 29th September, 1943.

    • David Lovell says:


      Thank you very much for contacting the website with important information about Ospedale PG 202 Lucca. I manage a small team of volunteers who maintain the content of https://www.prisonersofwarmuseum.com/

      One of the team, Mary, who I have copied into this email, has focussed on the Italian camps and associated facilities. She will update our entry to reflect this new information, which I have copied below for her.

      As you may realise, this website is new and we are all learning how some of its functions work. I have sent this same message to you as a reply to you comment from within the website. I’d be very grateful if you would confirm whether you also receive that reply.

      Best Regards,
      Dave lovell


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