Known at various points as (

  • 103rd Regiment “Calgary Rifles” formed on 1 April 1910

  • Redesignated The Calgary Regiment on 15 March 1920

  • 2nd Battalion of The Calgary Regiment redesignated 2nd Battalion,   The Calgary Regiment on 15 September 1921 (the 1st Battalion had been redesignated 1st Battalion, Calgary Highlanders, The Calgary Regiment)

  • Regiment reorganized as two separate regiments; split into The Calgary Highlanders and The Calgary Regiment on 15 May 1924

  • Amalgamated with Battalion Headquarters and “B” Company of the 13th Machine Gun Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Corps on 1 April 1936 with no immediate change in designation.

  • Redesignated The Calgary Regiment (Tank) 15 December 1936

  • Redesignated 14th (Reserve) Army Tank Battalion (The Calgary Regiment) (Tank) on 1 April 1941

  • Redesignated 14th (Reserve) Army Tank Regiment (The Calgary Regiment (Tank)) on 15 August 1942

  • Redesignated 14th Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment) 1 April 1946

  • Redesignated 14th Armoured Regiment (King’s Own Calgary Regiment) 22 July 1946

  • Redesignated The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (14th Armoured Regiment) 4 February 1949

  • Redesignated The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) 19 May 1958

Found 4 POWs

Last name
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First name Rank Unit Service number Camp POW number
Clifton Bert Harding M28055
Jordan David William Girvin
    3348 25866
    Richardson C V (Vern) M26913 25252
    Watson Andrew R 25227