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My late father, Sapper Albert Edward Clack, served in the Royal Engineers throughout World War II. When he died in 1984, he left me a manuscript of this true story. It is in two parts. The first is about his capture near Dunkirk in 1940 and his nearly five years in the Stalag VIIIB prisoner-of-war camp. For most of this time he endured forced labour and occasional beatings in a coal mine. The second covers his escape from the ‘Death March’, when the Germans forced prisoners to trudge westwards through snow and ice in January 1945, and the Red Army helped him get home. This is a gripping yarn of capture, resistance, and liberation, revealing for the first time how he and a close-knit group of chums carried on the war despite their imprisonment, and even got away with killing a couple of Nazi guards who had ruthlessly bullied frail prisoners.

The paperback or Kindle version can be ordered here: My Underground War

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