Gunner Thomas Keith Fleming

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Thomas Keith
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Thomas Fleming of 2nd N.Z. Expy Forces No. 22944 was captured in 1941.  He was taken to Stalag VIIIB prior to 1941.  He was listed as P.O.W.No:7926 in UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945.

Fleming was also mentioned in World War II letters, dated 6 Jan 1942 “Tom Fleming is safe & I’m, getting a parcel ready for him.” of John Robert Henry Trenbath N.Z.E.F. No. 29621 (Camp Maadi, Egypt.)   Ref. W.W.11 Letter (1) Dated 13/12/1941/ From Camp Maadi, Egypt: John Robert Henry TRENBATH (N.Z.E.F. No. 29621) to Dorothea CRAMPTON (1944 to become his wife & my mother): “Have met some chaps who with with Tommy, Essie’s son, in England, Greece & Crete…”

Ref. W.W.II Letter (2) Dated 01/01/1942/ From Camp Maadi, Egypt: John Robert Henry TRENBATH (N.Z.E.F. No. 29621) to Dorothea CRAMPTON: “Tom Fleming is safe and I’m getting a parcel ready for him.”

Born:              1921 at Balclutha, Otago NEW ZEALAND

Parents:         Edward & Isabella (Essie) Margaret FLEMING (nee THOMPSON.) Thomas was the third child of Edward & Isabella.

Occupation    General Labourer

Address         16 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland

NOK               Mrs. E. Johnston, 117 Symonds Street, Auckland

Married         Allison Jane Turner in 1946, Auckland N.Z.

Died               19 September, 1965, Palmerston North New Zealand.

Ref. W.W.II Nominal Rolls, 1939-1948: Army No. 22944. Gunner.5th Field Regiment. Place of Enlistment: Auckland N.Z.

Ref.U.K. British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945: Army No. 22944. P.O.W. No. 7926. Gunner T.K. Fleming. Camp: Stalag VIIIB/ Teschen, Czech Republic.  Section: 2nd New Zealand Expy Forces: Officers and Other Ranks.

Ref. “1st Draft of 500 P./O.W.s left for N.Z. end of May and by end of August ’45 more than 4,000 were home.”

Fleming was cousin of another POW Pte. N.J. Woods No. 17033 POW No. 32659.

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