Private Jack H D Futter

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Jack H D
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Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Subject: Jack Futter 2 Wiltshire Regiment Stalag 344

I read on the Stalag 344 list of names that Linda Futter was looking for some information about her father Jack Futter.

2 Wiltshire Regiment fought at Cassino as part of 5 British Infantry Division and were involved in the crossing of the Garigliano. After being captured, with numerous slight wounds, Jack and his mates (see below) were almost certainly taken to transit camp at Frosinone south of Rome before being sent to Campo PG54 at Fara In Sabina, north of Rome. From here they were loaded onto a POW train on 26 January 1944, bound for Germany.

Whilst crossing a bridge at Allerona near Orvieto on 28 January 1944 the train was hit by friendly fire by 320 squadron, American Air Force. SEE MY WEBSITE

As you can see below Jack Futter was lucky to escape from the train though he did receive numerous slight wounds, for which he was treated in Orvieto Hospital. He and the others who were wounded together with those who escaped uninjured but were recaptured, were then sent on to camps in the German-occupied territories. (Evidence National Archives London WO361/668)

Men from 2 Wiltshire Regiment known to have survived the bombing of the train:

Futter Jack H D Pte 5343084 Numerous slight wounds Stalag 344
Clark Harry L/Cpl  5574547 Not specified Stalag 344
King Alfred Sgt  5572164 Not specified Stalag 344
Simmonds Jack 5571459 Head wound Stalag IVB
Gibson Joseph 6985166 Wounds and abrasions to the face Stalag IVA
Stamp A L/Cpl  5572324 Stalag VIIIB
Cheesman G Pte 5574533 Stalag XIA

Janet Kinrade Dethick

[Names, Ranks and Service Numbers been corrected]


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