Private John Keeble (Jack) Lester

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John Keeble (Jack)
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Streatham, London, England
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Abbeville, France
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Working Party
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The National Archives (UK)Other Sources (Relative's Report )

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 

Subject: Lampsdorf Pow List 

I would be grateful if you could add my dad’s name to the list who was at Lamsdorf.

John (Jack) Lester served with the Queens Royal Regiment 2/6 battalion, army no 6089356, he was captured at Abbeyville on 23/5/1940 whilst with the BEF.

I enclose copies of the following: the Pow liberation form and photos sent home from the camp. In the photo with 3 soldiers, he is on the right, the group photo in front of a building, he Is at the far back right and the other group photo which looks like it is taken in rough terrain with trees in the background he is in the middle row 3rd from the left.

You will note that I enclose the reverse side of a postcard and it has E 390, which I assume is a working party, this is not on your website list, do you have any knowledge of this?

On the pow liberation form he mentions labouring at Ober and Sournland?

I also enclose photos of the camp entertainment group.

I would be most grateful if you could also add these photos to your site, unfortunately I have no names of the other soldiers in the pictures but perhaps someone may recognise a relative.

My Dad did mention doing a lot of marching, but I am not sure if he was on the death march or talking about being sent Lamsdorf. 

Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 1981 so I have no new knowledge although I intend to contact an old friend of his who I believe he relayed some stories to.

Many thanks for your time and effort in maintaining the website which is a wonderful memorial to all the brave men who spent time at Lamsdorf.


Rob Lester

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