Private Douglas Ronald Ley

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Douglas Ronald
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Ley was captured on Crete on the 1st June 1941 and sent to Stalag VIIIB on the 22nd August 1941.   In April 1945 he and his fellow prisoners were transferred to a camp near Vienna because of the advancing Russian Army.   The Germans withdrew and the Russians released the prisoners, but ordered the prisoners to march East towards Russia. By a combination of marching and the use of cattle trucks, the men reached Odessa in late April, where they were met by a British Red Cross Commission and taken by ship to Naples, where they arrived on the 7th May 1945.   Doug sailed home and arrived at Glasgow, then received two months leave before he was sent to Sedgefield to be rehabilitated and then to Brentwood, Essex to work in a small RAMC. hospital until he was demobbed in Rugby, Northants on the 14th January 1946.

His documents were deposited with the Imperial War Museum, London, after his death on 18.8.2008.

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