The National Association of ex-Prisoners of War.

This association has ceased to exist, simply because none of the members are still alive.

It was formed after WWII to give support to former POWs, to record their experiences, to organise reunions and to campaign on their behalf (eg on such issues as accumulated pay having had deductions made by the government from POWs who were on working parties and who were thus deemed to have already been paid, even though the Lagergeld was virtually useless; and a campaign to have a medal awarded to former POWs). The patron was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

These newsletters are bursting with information about former POWs and their experiences, about camps, working parties and everything else concerning the POW experience during and after the war. [Editor’s notes: 1) Some editions start with a blank page, 2) many of the embedded urls now go nowhere]

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Allied Ex Prisoners of War Medal

A commemorative Allied Ex Prisoners of War medal proposed by the former National Ex-Prisoners of War Association in the UK for all Ex-Prisoners of War, or their next of kin, whose countries were allies of Britain at the time of their capture irrespective of whether the United Kingdom itself was involved in the conflict or not.


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