We are now a registered charity

The Online Memorial and Museum of Prisoners of War has now become registered as a charity in the United Kingdom. Many thanks to our team of trustees and volunteers who have helped to make this possible.

Our role is:

  • to continue to provide a permanent, online Memorial & Museum of Prisoners of War by maintaining and regularly updating a free, interactive, historical and educational internet resource which enables the collection and preservation of information concerning prisoners of war;
  • to organise seminars, conferences and tours about the experiences of prisoners of war, and to pursue any other activities that support these purposes;
  • to remember and commemorate former prisoners of war and the sacrifices they made.

Our charitable status will enhance our ability to achieve our aims, and work has already been under way for some time to provide a much improved internet presence to replace this existing website (which is where you currently are). There will be more news about this in due course. Our Facebook groups will continue to enable everyone to participate, wherever they are located.

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