E22 Gleiwitz-Ohringen

Gleiwitz-Ohringen (now Gliwice Sosnica)

Working Party E22 at Gleiwitz-Ohringen (now Gliwice Sosnica).

Found 0 POWs

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  1. Keith Webb says:

    Is there any record of what happened to the farms that the POWs worked on after the war, my father Lewis Webb army number 4455733 camp E22, worked in the coal mines first but after a accident worked on a farm where he struck up a friendship with the farm owner, towards the end of the war the farmer wanted my father to stay with him and his family in a underground bunker that had supplies to last it out, my father thanked him but said he had to stay with his army pals, it would be nice to think that the farmer and family survived but my father thought the Russians came through that area and took revenge on anyone, any information would be greatly appreciated

    • David Lovell says:

      The Online Memorial and Museum of Prisoners of War does not have information that can answer your question. You may wish to enquire of the Imperial War Museum or the National Archives.


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