James Fulthorpe

This is the strange story of how a Lamsdorf POW came to broadcast on Radio Luxembourg during his time at Stalag VIIIB.

(With thanks to Alan Bailey)

Jack Roffey

Simon Fraser, writing in February 2017, said “Many years ago, when I was researching my father’s war history (Corporal Alistair Hugh Fraser, RASC), I interviewed a friend of his by the name of Jack Roffey, whom he met in Stalag VIIIB. I have recently unearthed the (somewhat poor quality) recording from which I retrieved a passage where he told me about the escape tunnel from the camp and how it was organised. Roffey was a private and medical orderly who was captured at Dunkirk and was brought to VIIIB very early on. He participated in the erecting of some of the huts as the camp was being established.”

Jock Roffey on escapes from Lamsdorf

Percy Vanburg

The four audio tracks below were made as cassette tapes by Percy Vanburg, who was a POW at Lamsdorf, and they were kindly supplied by his daughter, Margaret Calamatta. At the beginning Percy talks about his childhood in Bristol (UK) but he then talks about his army life, covering capture at Dunkirk and five years at Stalag VIIIB/344  Lamsdorf and various working parties. Later on he talks about his further service in the Korean war.


Forced March to Freedom

An excellent Canadian documentary about the Long March in 1945.

The Heroes Return

This is a video about former POWs Peter Blake (then known as Peter Blaskey) and Mark Mead returning to Stalag VIIIB.

Lamsdorf visit 2006

Former Prisoner of War Jack Glasner talks about some of his experiences in Stalag VIIIB (filmed on the site of the camp in 2006)

Former POW Charles Saunders interviewed by Polish TV on the site of the former Stalag VIIIB/344 POW camp.

Charles Saunders on his 100th birthday, 23rd December 2017

Charles was the origin of this website and all the other things derived from it, such as the Camino tours to Lamsdorf, the Facebook pages, the Lamsdorf POW Days etc etc.

Commemoration at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Krakow

During the Stalag VIIIB/344 Lamsdorf Tour 2006


The Long March to Freedom by Lesley Loughlin

(from the account of Bernard Louighlin, her father-in-law, written for her husband Hugh Loughlin)


The Long March of 1945 by Lesley Loughlin

(inspired by the DVD ‘The Long March to Freedom’)