Carolyn Phillips – a child POW of the Japanese

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Dave Lovell, Chair of Trustees, The Online Memorial and Museum of Prisoners of War. 06/09/2023 Interview with a child prisoner held by the Japanese during WWII. Can I have your full name and date of birth? I am Carolyn Agnes Carson Phillips,…

Hand-Tying and Handcuffing of Prisoners – The Full Story

Jim Holliday, a member of the Royal Australian Air Force who was a POW at Lamsdorf, did extensive research on this subject and his account was published in the book he edited with Dave Radke, ‘The RAAF POWs of Lamsdorf’. The relevant pages…

Nikolai Halin (Russian, Stalag VIIIF Lamsdorf) Gallery

Content warning: some users may find the images in this gallery disturbing Nikolai Halin was a Russian prisoner of war at Lamsdorf. This website normally only includes information about the English-speaking POWs at Stalag VIIIB/344. But of…

Medical Facilities at Lamsdorf and the Working Parties

The hospital facilities at Stalag VIII-B were among the best in all Stalags. The so-called Lazarette was set up on separate site with eleven concrete buildings. Six of them were self-contained wards, each with space for about 100 patients.…

A Wartime Log by C V Richardson

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This log opens with the following words: November 15, 1943 Dear Friend, When the folks at home ask us to choose and send you something special on their behalf, they confront is with a not-too-easy problem. The ―War-time Log‖ is one…

John Stephen Morum – The War Years

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JOHN STEPHEN MORUM - HIS-STORY AS NARRATED TO HIS DAUGHTER HELEN. [added comments – by Roy, his son] We both signed on [John and his brother Ross] when the war broke out, with the First Witwatersrand Rifles. That regiment was later broken…

Frederick Read – A War Fought Behind The Wire

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'A War Fought Behind The Wire' is Frederick Read's tale of life in the British army, 1925 - 1947, including his war-time experiences. A WAR FOUGHT BEHIND THE WIRE (86 pages)  

Prisoners of War killed and injured during bombing raids on their camp

In December 1944 two bombing raids on POW camps resulted in significant loss of life and injuries to men. Sydney Sherriff, Stalag 344 camp leader reported these in detail in these two reports. Sydney Sherriff 7th December 1944 Concerning…

Sights, Sounds, Memories: South African Soldier Experiences Of The Second World War

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Synopsis: The Second World War involved most of the countries of the world and left so many millions dead and maimed, disorganised and devastated through personal and communal loss. This book recovers some of South Africa’s soldiers’ experiences…

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited and reported on conditions in POW camps and working parties. This is an example report (in French): Stalag IIIB ICRC Report 19 May 1941 (in French)