The case of Wadim GREENEWICH

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Data source: UK National Archives FO 950/1151 Mr Greenewich, a naturalised British citizen, was employed in the Passport Control Office of the British Legation in Sofia. He was held in Germany from 25 May 1942 to May 1945. He spent time…

JUST ANOTHER COUNTRY BOY and an unwilling guest of Hitler – The Life of Ken Latheron

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The Life of Ken Latheron. Compiled and edited by Julia Stephen. "For some years my friends and relations have asked me to write my memories of the Second World War and of my incarceration in various Stalags in Poland and Upper Silesia. This…

Gordon Bourner #6403285 Royal Sussex Regiment. War Time Account.

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Introduction Gordon Bourner - Private Number 6403285, Royal Sussex Regiment - began his training in Brighton in January 1940 (having enlisted in September 1939?). This is his account of his wartime life. Gordon, my father, wouldn’t talk…

Jack Emeny’s wartime story (1938 to 1946)

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Jack Emeny's story by his son Kenneth My Dad was born at 45, Manderville Street, Darnall, Sheffield, England on the 26th April 1921, to Louise William Samuel Emeny and his wife Kate Eliza (nee Bagshaw), who were married on the 9th of March…

Dan Billany – Excerpt from ‘The Trap’

Dan Billany was an author. He wrote books before and during the war. Sadly, he was mortally wounded - the incident is described in the attached excerpt from one of his latter books "The Trap":

Ernest Fisher Lodge – From Tobruk to Chieti to Skelmanthorpe

An extract from the diary of Ernest Fisher Lodge (scroll down):

Prisoner of War routes from North Africa to Italy and Greece

Map of the prisoner of war routes from North Africa to Italy and Greece, including some prisoner of war camp locations. (With thanks to NZETC digitised Official History of New Zealand in the Second War)

Thomas Keith Townsend – his involvement in WW2

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The following wonderful history of Thomas Keith Townsend (known as Keith) was submitted by Keith’s stepson Rod McMahon. Keith Townsend Pow 5479

Ed Gamble – WWII Experience

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Ed Gamble’s WWII Experience After the East African campaign we thought and felt that we were invincible – the best trained – the best armed – the best led – and part of the best army the world had ever known – we were GUNG HO…

A Wartime Log by C V Richardson

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This log opens with the following words: November 15, 1943 Dear Friend, When the folks at home ask us to choose and send you something special on their behalf, they confront is with a not-too-easy problem. The ―War-time Log‖ is one…