Campo No 1 Manziana (Lake Bracciano)

War time place name:
Contemporary local place name:
Manziana, Lazio

Manziana, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Manziana is located about 25 miles (40 km) north west of Rome, in the Italian region of Lazio (Latium).

Thanks to Janet Kinrade Dethick for this:

Subject: Campo No1 Marina, Manziana (Lake Bracciano)

This camp was for sailors and specifically submariners.

Most of  the ratings from HMS/S Saracen were held there between 17 August 1943 and the Italian Armistice of 8 September 1943.  Some of the officers were also interned there from 17 -23rd August before being sent to Campo PG50 in Rome. For a list of Saracen’s ratings and Officers see my website

For details of their adventures in Italy after 8 September 1943 see my book (written with Anne M. Corke) ‘Twixt the Devil and the Deep blue Sea’  available from

Half of the ratings from HMS/S Sahib were also held there from April-June 1943.

Janet Kinrade Dethick.


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Translation for the Campi Fascisti main page:

Manziana – Camp for prisoners of war
Manziana (Rome) – Italy
Camp type: Camp for prisoners of war
History: According to research done by Janet Kinrade Dethick, Manziana Allied POW camp was also called Camp No. 1 Marina Manziana.

In particular, crew members captured off Corsica after the sinking of the British submarine Saracen in August 1943 were interned in this camp. Previously, again according to Dethick, they were sent to the p.g. from Manziana also the sailors of the submarines Splendid and Sahib torpedoed in April 1943.

According to the testimony of William Morris (WO 344/225/2 National Archives, Kew), after 8 September 1943 the prisoners managed to leave the camp, but more than half were captured again by the Germans and sent to Germany.

Note: Our research into this prisoner of war camp is still ongoing.


PG abbreviation

The full title is ‘Campo Concentramento di Prigioniere di Guerra’ (prisoner of war concentration camp). They were not concentration camps in the normal sense of the word. Camps were normally prefixed PG, but could be referred to as CC, Campo or Campo PG. The exception was the 2 Dulags and 1 Stalag within Italy, which were German controlled transit centres for POWs being transferred to Germany. The camps were originally known by their place names, and numbers were not introduced until early 1942. There are some camps with no numbers, perhaps they closed before early 1942?

Note: All sources seem to refer to Manziana as “Campo” rather than “PG”.

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