Peter Henry Blaskey – Capture, POW life, Long March, 2005 visit to Stalag VIIIB

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 From: Bishop Jonathan Blake Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 4:31 PM My father, Peter Henry Blake, known then as Sergeant Peter Henry Blaskey, rarely spoke about his wartime experiences, an approach common among his peers. On the night 10/11th…

Leslie Vickers: memories from the end of the war

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Leslie Vickers POW, the story of the end of the War from his memories My Dad, Corporal Leslie Vickers was one of 1400 POW's marched back into Germany from Lamsdorf POW Camp 344 formerly Stalg VIIIB, he was in Dresden on VE day and he tells…

Ed Gamble – WWII Experience

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Ed Gamble’s WWII Experience After the East African campaign we thought and felt that we were invincible – the best trained – the best armed – the best led – and part of the best army the world had ever known – we were GUNG HO…

Dr W T G Atkins – Long March from Cosel Hospital

Information provided by Thomas Atkins (son) with assistance from Philip Baker and Michael Tattersall. I have now found my father’s diary detailing the exact route when he marched from Cosel, probably from the Abyssinian Lager (Russian)…

Ronald Percy Wright – Long March Diary and Transcript

The Long March diary was compiled by Ronald Percy Wright. With thanks to Susan Wright and Louise Wright for supplying the diary and the transcript. Ronald Percy Wright Long March Diary Transcript

John Stephen Morum – The War Years

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JOHN STEPHEN MORUM - HIS-STORY AS NARRATED TO HIS DAUGHTER HELEN. [added comments – by Roy, his son] We both signed on [John and his brother Ross] when the war broke out, with the First Witwatersrand Rifles. That regiment was later broken…

Charles H Warner – Evacuation route from E594 Königshütte Ost

Charles Henry Warner E594 Konigshutte (now Krolewska Huta, Chorzow, Poland Jan 23 - Set out from E594 did about 42kms, stayed at a place called Bels Jan 24 -Marched Rybnik and left at am waylain.English 28 men, Russian 104 men, Greeks…

Wes Clare – Long March Diary

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Wes Clare was a Canadian doctor awarded the Military Medal for his bravery on the beaches of Dunkirk. He accompanied men on one of the Lamsdorf Long Marches and kept a detailed diary of his administration to the sick and wounded prisoners. Wes…

Henry Lund’s War (including the Lamsdorf Long March)

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Henry Lund, was in the Royal Artillery (Coast Defence Units ) Corps of Military Police (attached to the 51 Highland Division). He was captured at St. Valery on June 12th 1940 and liberated on 28th April 1945. Here is his war-time account: Henry…

James Peters – Diary of a Death March

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James Peters joined the Border Regiment as a Territorial on 3rd May 1939 and served as a Private with the 4th Battalion. The 4th Battalion landed in Normandy, France on 19th September of that same year. His time as a POW took him to a camp…