Nikolai Halin (Russian, Stalag VIIIF Lamsdorf) Gallery


Content warning: some users may find the images in this gallery disturbing

Nikolai Halin was a Russian prisoner of war at Lamsdorf. This website normally only includes information about the English-speaking POWs at Stalag VIIIB/344. But of course Lamsdorf also housed prisoners from the Soviet Union, Poland and other countries, in Stalag VIIIF/318, and these POWs far outnumbered those from English-speaking nations. But they were neighbours, just over the fence, and the POWs in VIIIB/344 were well aware of the appalling way in which the other POWs were treated. There was little they could do about it, despite their anger and despair at the terrible disregard of the humanity of those men. It is estimated that about 200,000 Soviet prisoners went through Lamsdorf, of whom probably 40,000 died there. (40,000 is equivalent to the total number of English-speaking POWs who went through Stalag VIIIB/344).

Nikolai Halin’s grandson, Nikolai Rogachkov, very kindly provided information about his grandfather and these photos, and they have been included on this website because it seems right that something of the whole story of Lamsdorf should be portrayed.

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