Spike Front Cover


The illustrated Wartime Diary of Frank ‘Spike’ Hughes RAF, a Prisoner of War at Stalag VIIIB (344) Lamsdorf.

size: 21 cm x 28 cm
148 pages

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Lamsdorf Front Cover


Experiences related by Prisoners of War at Stalag VIIIB (344) Lamsdorf, one of the largest German Prisoner-of-War camps, during the Second World War.



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The Long March Front Cover

The Long March

First-hand accounts of the Long March of 1945 when the Germans evacuated allied prisoners-of-war away from the advancing Soviet army.



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The Lamsdorf Clarion

The Lamsdorf Clarion

The magazine published by prisoners of war at Stalag VIIIB (344) Lamsdorf during the Second World War

From January 1943 until December 1945 the prisoners of war at Stalag VIIIB (344) Lamsdorf produced their own magazine, The Clarion. They provide a unique, fascinating and sometimes astonishing insight into life as a POW

ISBN: 9789464853506
297 pages