Visiting the Museum at Lamsdorf


Strange as it might seem, the letter Ł in Polish is pronounced like a W in English, so Łambinowice is pronounced ‘Wambinowice’. ‘Złoty’, the Polish currency, is pronounced ‘Zwoty’. In Polish the letter W is pronounced like the Engish letter V.

The Museum’s contact details are:

Centralne Muzeum Jeñców Wojennych w Łambinowicach-Opoluul,
ul. Muzealna 4,
48-316 Łambinowice,

General enquiries:

[email protected]
tel./fax +48 77 434 34 75

Research Department, Archive and Administration:

[email protected]
tel./fax +48 77 453 78 72 / 77 453 92 16

To travel to the Museum:

  • take the A4 motorway from Krakow – the direction is north-west. which is signed towards Katowice/Wroclaw.
  • On the outskirts of Krakow you will pass the airport (Balice).
  • From the airport junction you drive for about 178 km until you reach the junction with road number 46, where you would turn right for Opole or left for Nysa. Take the left towards Nysa.
  • After about 15 km turn left following the sign for  Łambinowice, which is about another 11 km.

Opole is a good place to stay – it is a pleasant city and has some good hotels. We have used the Mercure, which is very nice, and is close to the railway station if you need that. There are trains from Krakow to Opole, and trains from Opole to Łambinowice.

More useful information

The easiest way is to fly to Krakow and hire a car from Krakow Airport.

You can fly from a number of airports in the UK. There are other flight options too, easy to check on the internet.

The best place to stay is the city of Opole, which is about 120 miles drive from Krakow Airport. There are some nice hotels there, and we usually use the Mercure (this can be booked on-line).​

To get to Opole from  Krakow Airport, take the A4 motorway (also numbered as E40) (which runs next to the airport) northwards for about 100 miles until you reach the junction with road number 46, where you turn right for Opole. The hotel website (there is a link above) has a map to show you how to find it.

To get to Lamsdorf (now called Łambinowice) go back to the same junction A4/46 and go straight across in the direction of Nysa. After about 15 km turn left, following the sign for Ł​ambinowice, which is about another 11 km.

Of course, it is possible to arrange a whole private tour but that would be very expensive. A good contact would be Point Travel in Krakow: [email protected]  website: You can deal with them in English.

Here is some more useful information and reviews:

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