A Voice – Captain D Craig-Johnson –

Captain D Craig-Johnson wrote this poem whilst a POW in Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf

A Voice

Ahh! beautiful mother, how wondrous you are

In the eyes of this soldier who’s fighting afar

Who hears your soft voice, yet who hears not a sound.

Save the crashing of guns and the hell all around;

Who sees your sweet smile, yet there’s nothing at all

For memory painted it – though let it fall

Into the roar of battle – to drown.

Ahh!  dearest of mothers, how watchful you are.

To the ways of this soldier who’s fighting afar

For you are the greatest of all things out here

To the heart of this solder who’s lonely and drear

Do you know that he turns from the turmoil and strife

And thinks of and loves you and prays for his life

That he may return home and tell you some day

After thoughts which he failed to when he went away.

How you peep at him sadly from out of the night

Or sit in his dug out – then slip from his sight

Oh! wonderful mother, what comfort you are

To the soul of this solder who’s fighting afar

But God sent an angel, and now he’s on leave

In that beautiful haven which waits to receive

That vast army of heroes who lay down their lives

For the sake of their children, their homesteads and wives.

For the sake of their king and their country and all

And there in the glory they wait for the call

Of gods martial order which brings to them there

Their mothers on earth who have no one to care

Oh! be rested, dear mothers, brave mothers you are

You shall come to your loved ones in the New World afar.

Captain D Craig-Johnson

Lamsdorf 26/8/40

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