Edward Tomsett ‘s Tafchenbuch (POW) Long March Diary.

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Edward Tomsett was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery. POW Number 221772.

Diary 1945. January to May. Home address 6 Scotholme Avenue,  Hyson Green, Nottingham. UK.

Edward Tomsett (back Row 5th From The Right)

Edward Tomsett (back Row 5th From The Right)Judging by the closely compact diary my Father would have kept a diary going – but the one covering the Long March/Death March is all I can now find. As far as possible I have tried to translate close printed pencil notes, some of which I do not quite understand. However – most facts speak for themselves. 

Diary transcript by his son.

Edward Tomsett’s Long March Diary

Additional final thoughts: finding this diary has taken me on a virtual journey which has in turn made me laugh, cry and feel very, very sad for my Father. Internet  information backs up that there were three Death March routes. To the north and the Baltic, to the centre across Germany, and the Southern route via the Czech state. Father’s diary does seem to confirm he went on the Southern one. It does flesh out some of the family rumours, which Father did not want to discuss, unless somewhat drunk!!  It also means that I know why as a child I was pressurised to eat everything, including brussel sprouts which I loath. My father did make his peace with Germany when many years later he went there on business – it was I believe a great release of pain for him.

Edward Tomsett’s Tafchenbuch (Diary) – close script in pencil. Book is 5 inch by 2 inch size.

Edward Tomsett's Diary

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