Lamsdorf Long March map released

Lamsdorf Long March Map

An interactive map project focusing on 47 men’s march routes from Stalag VIIIB has been published at

Work on the maps and website was led by Dave Lovell and Ian Bowley, sons of two prisoners of war at Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf.

Dave Lovell described the work as follows:

“This is a story of hope, of how an instinct for survival, dogged determination and the support of fellow men helped overcome the most extreme conditions. It is also a story of utter deprivation and unfathomable human resilience.

“My father said very little about these three months of his life but they undoubtedly shaped his life and his beliefs. In making the map, I discovered the harsh reality of his daily routine, his courage and conviction that kept him alive where others fell by the wayside.”

Dave also recorded a short video about the making of the maps:

The release was covered in the following outlets among others:

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