Leo Micklitz – Stalag VIIIB guard


I was born close to Lamsdorf in 1936. My father, Leo Micklitz, who immigrated to the US in 1952 died in 1989. But during the war he was a prison guard at Lamsdorf ( he had been injured during the Polish and the French campaign) and was subsequently assigned to Lamsdorf, which wasn’t very far from us. I was just wondering if anyone knew him there and if so, what kind of a guy he was. After leaving with the camp toward Bavaria, he was later captured by the Russians and spent 4 years in POW camp in Warsaw.

Karl Micklitz

Just a little postscript to my previous note. My father was actually captured by the Americans first. They released him and told him to go home, and on the way home to Silesia was captured by the Russians. My mother is from Nussdorf which is about 3 to 4 km from Lamsdorf, and my father is from Gross-Schnellendorf, where I was born, which is about 10 km from there. We were overrun by the Russians on March 17, 1945 just like one of the accounts I read in these stories when Lamsdorf was liberated. I don’t think there was much left there. The bigger town there was Friedland – now called Korfantow.

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