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Frederick Brangwin Potterton

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Frederick Brangwin
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My grandfather was a POW in Germany in WW2 and kept a diary of his time as a prisoner. At the start of the diary, is STALAG 344 E.769. I’ve looked at the names of the prisoners in STALAG 344 and noticed his name wasn’t there. His name was Frederick Potterton.

Also, I have recently typed up his diary. The actual original copy of the diary is looked after by a relative, but my mum (his youngest daughter) has a photocopy. She is wanting it made into a book, so we have typed it up and intend on printing it out and having it bound. Would you be interested in a copy? I have it in Word format, so can easily (fingers crossed!) e-mail it to you. It documents his time as a POW from 21st Jan 1945 to his release by the Americans on 29th April 1945 at 8.30. He writes about the marches they were made to go on inc. distances, the billets they slept in, food they ate (there seems to be an obsession with bread!!) and general life in the Stalag. There are also names mentioned that I’ve noticed are also not on the names list. As it is handwritten, there are some things that I couldn’t read very well so there may be some mistakes!

I was also hoping that you would be able to help me as well! I thought it’d be nice to have a map showing the route of the marches to go with the book for my mum. However, I can’t work out a lot of the places that are mentioned. My granddad has written down the majority of the places where they were billeted, but I can’t seem to find half of them. I’m thinking maybe the names of the places have been changed, he spelt them wrong originally or they’re not towns etc?

Gemma Hall (Granddaughter of Frederick Brangwin Potterton)

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