Thomas Horrocks Houston – War diary and transcript

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Mr Thomas Horrocks Houston, my father, born December 1915 joined the British Army, Number 6896496, on the 29th September 1938. He was captured and taken a German POW in Calais on the 26th May 1940, marched to Lamsdorf Camp arriving on the 21st June 1940 (80 years ago this year). We think his POW No: 15481. With the approach of the Russian army in Poland the prisoners left Lamsdorf on the 3rd March 1945, travelling by train. Arrived Memmingen Stalag VIIB eventually liberated on the 28th April 1945, returning to the UK 8th May 1945.

Like many he never spoke about his war experiences. He married in June 1946, having 4 children, died January 1980.

Thomas Horrocks Houston War Diary

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