PG 107 Torviscosa

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Torviscosa, Province of Udine, Italy

Torviscosa is a municipality in the province of Udine, Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Located about 19 miles (30km) south of Udine.

PM 3200

This camp was operational from October 1942.  Mostly New Zealanders and South Africans.

Work camps: PG 107/2 (Prati), PG 107/4 (San Donà di Piave), PG 107/5 (Torre di Confine), PG 107/6 (Donà di Piave), PG 107/7 (La Salute di Livenza), PG 23 (Prati Navoi, near Latisana).

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Torviscosa – Prisoner of war camp n. 107
Torviscosa (Udine) – Italy
Camp type: Prisoner of war camp from October 1942
Source: DPG27

History: 200 pgs arrive in October from the Pg camp. no. 52 of Pian di Coreglia (see PGPC02)
Another 300, again in October, from the P.G. no. 57 of Grupignano (see PGTO01)

Note: Research on Italian prisoner of war camps is still ongoing (November 2012). The information reported here is taken from some documents conserved in the Historical Office of the Army General Staff and concerns only the period from March 1942 to March 1943. The data on this sheet are therefore incomplete and still to be verified.


PG abbreviation

The full title is ‘Campo Concentramento di Prigioniere di Guerra’ (prisoner of war concentration camp). They were not concentration camps in the normal sense of the word. Camps were normally prefixed PG, but could be referred to as CC, Campo or Campo PG. The exception was the 2 Dulags and 1 Stalag within Italy, which were German controlled transit centres for POWs being transferred to Germany. The camps were originally known by their place names, and numbers were not introduced until early 1942. There are some camps with no numbers, perhaps they closed before early 1942?

PM abbreviation

Camps in Italy were divided into postal areas, each area designated ‘PM [number]’. PM translates to ‘Posta Militare’, meaning ‘military mail’. The number indicated the central postal reception area for the camps’ mail.


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Last name First name Rank Nationality Unit Service number Camp POW number
Forsyth Charles William James Private New Zealand New Zealand Army (2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force), 24th Battalion 29897 PG 107 Torviscosa, Stalag XVIIIA ​Wolfsberg 8701

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